医疗中心 employees and 学生 who wish to park on campus must:

  • 在运输和停车管理部门登记车辆并购买许可证.
  • 允许在以下地点停车:
    • 你指定的地段
    • the College Town Garage after 2 p.m.
    • 很多3 (Kendrick North) and 很多8 (Medical School) between 5 p.m. 6 a.m.星期一至五
    • the Hospital Garage between 6 p.m. 10个a.m.星期一至五, and weekends and University holidays. 员工 should park on employee levels in the Hospital Garage:
        • 第4级—— 黄色V W X Y
          第5级——  蓝色的L M N O

Permits are not valid for parking in the Cancer Center, 眼科研究所, 病人出院, 友善的关怀, 急诊科, 良好的行为健康, or Musculoskeletal Lots at any time. Exceptions may be granted if visiting as a patient, but you must first call the 停车 Management Center at (585) 275-4524.


河校区 requires a valid permit Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. All permit holders must park in their assigned zone or lot during these times. All University paid permits are good on campus after 4:00 p.m. 星期一至星期五.

已公布为预留地区, any lots with gates in the down position, 消防车道, 人行道上, 草, 或任何有禁止停车标志的地方在任何时候(每天24小时/每周7天)都不得使用。. Permits cannot be transferred, altered, forged, or manipulated in any way.

新生 living on campus are not eligible for a parking permit.


居民学生许可证的发放考虑了学生的学龄. Resident 学生 may park 24/7.

Special Use Permits for Housing Areas
Special use permits for housing areas (University Park, 惠普尔公园, & 戈德房子)仅适用于指定区域,不适用于其他任何区域.

一旦你的车辆登记,把你的许可证贴花在你的车辆上,如图所示 在这里.

If you need to use an alternate vehicle for less than two weeks, complete our 在线表单 或致电585-275-4524向停车管理中心提供车辆信息(车牌号码), color, 使, 模型, and location) to avoid a citation.

If a second or third vehicle is driven for more than two weeks, 每辆车可购买备用车辆许可证,河校区住校学生除外.  Only one vehicle may park on University property at a time.

Access to controlled areas for faculty and 工作人员 is obtained with AVI tags. AVI标签应放置在您的车辆挡风玻璃上,并将允许您进入分配给您的停车场.

商业许可证必须附有另一个付费的大学停车许可证,有效期最长为 每天三小时.  Business permits may be used in the College Town Garage, 很多8, 很多3, or in designated “Business” parking spaces on 河校区.

河校区 permit holders visiting 医疗中心

For daytime meetings or training, 河校区许可证持有人可以在医疗中心地段1(第二或第三排空间)停车-访客地段不应使用.

医疗中心 permit holders visiting 河校区

For daytime meetings or training, 医疗中心许可证持有人可在威尔逊大道的信息亭购买每日通行证. to park on 河校区, or use a metered spot on Wilson Blvd. 短期停车.  从4p开始.m. 到午夜, any non-gated lot or non-reserved space on 河校区 is available for University permit holders; t在这里 is no overnight parking.

为可能需要与停车相关的住宿以进入他们工作的建筑物的残疾人士, 生活, 或学习, 大学根据美国残疾人法案修正案(ADA AA)和其他相关法律提供残疾人停车位. To request temporary or permanent closer-in parking, or a student disability transport, 请填写 亚博买球的申请表.

确保亚博买球大学社区的安全,并提供可用的停车场, 交通和停车管理持续监控校园内的所有停车场和停车场,当车辆不按照大学停车指南停放时,将发出传票作为与车主沟通的一种手段.

停车罚款可能 在线支付, 邮寄、汇票或支票,或用现金或信用卡(Visa/Discover/MasterCard)到停车管理中心办理.

All paid Highland Hospital permits are valid in the College Town Garage. To enter/exit, press intercom and provide your name and permit number. 所有支付大学许可证是有效的高地医院车库会议和工作相关的访问. To exit, write your permit number on the entry ticket. If you park at Highland Hospital for non-work-related visits, you will be required to pay the visitor fee.

While we endeavor to protect the property of our patrons, we are not responsible for the loss or damage to vehicles, 自行车, 摩托车, 或者它们的内容. Please report any loss or damage to Public Safety at 585-275-3333.

Permits for University Park, 惠普尔公园, 戈德房子, 企业森林, 罗彻斯特科技园, 商业地产, 及预留许可证只适用于许可证所指明的地区,而不适用于任何其他地区。.

When riding your motorcycle, please be sure to:

  • Display your permit on the front fork of your motorcycle.
  • Park in 你指定的地段 or in the motorcycle parking area of Lot 1.

如果很多都满了, 停车场管理中心将为该停车场的许可证持有人分配溢出位置. 溢流停车场只能在运输和停车管理处的方向使用. Use of an overflow lot under any other circumstance will result in a citation. 的 UR手机应用 offers real-time parking availability and overflow.

在停车办公室登记车辆的人对涉及该车辆的任何违规行为负责. It’s the permit holder’s responsibility to:

  • 向在大学物业内操作已注册车辆的人士说明《亚博买球网址》.
  • 知道他们的许可证何时到期,如果他们的许可证丢失或被盗,请通知办公室.
  • permits are only to be used on the registered vehicle. Permits cannot be transferred, altered, forged, or manipulated in any way.

许可证持有人不得在停车场停放需要多于一个车位的车辆(即.e. trucks with snowplows, 等).  也, vehicles cannot be left in the parking lots for extended periods of time, 比如假期, 出城旅行, 等.


  • Return your permit to the 停车 Management Center.
  • T在这里 is a $30 for an AVI tag. 更换许可证是在被分配许可证的车辆被更换时签发的. 尽可能多地从你的旧车上取下你的许可证,并把它带到停车管理中心以换取一个新的.

停车场保留在特殊活动期间使用任何停车位的权利.e., Meliora Weekend; Commencement).  An alternate parking site will be provided for your use.

所有教师, 工作人员, 学生, 作为病人或访客在医疗中心的附属机构必须在进入访客停车场时出示停车票,并在离开时付款. 游客必须打电话给停车管理中心,要求将其列入执法名单,以避免被罚款.

“u -通勤”是牛津大学发起的一项运动,旨在推广替代交通工具的使用,帮助员工减少通勤成本, reducing campus congestion, 促进亚博买球亚博买球社区的可持续发展.

Requesting a transfer to another parking lot/zone, can be made 在线 并在空间允许的情况下,按先请求/先转移的方式处理. 员工将被放置在他们想要的特定地段/区域分配的等待名单上. Waitlists are reviewed regularly, and transfers are processed as space allows.

车轮锁定(启动)是一种固定装置,用作牵引车辆的替代方案. When an individual has a history of repeat violations, 更改许可证, or accumulates unpaid violations, their vehicle may be wheel-locked/booted.

许可证持有人须在营业时间结束前对轮锁/启动作出回应,否则车辆可在24小时内被拖走. 车辆s presenting an immediate public safety hazard, 是不起作用, or unlicensed will be towed offsite.

的 permit holder is responsible for the parking violations, 车轮抱死/ boot费, 拖, and any applicable storage fees. 这些费用只接受现金或信用卡(Visa/Discover/MasterCard)支付. Personal checks are not accepted.

Permit Holder’s Responsibility

  • 在停车办公室登记车辆的人对涉及该车辆的任何违规行为负责.
  • It’s the permit holder’s responsibility to:
  • 让在大学物业内驾驶注册车辆的人士知悉停车指引.
  • 知道他们的许可证何时到期,或者如果他们的许可证丢失或被盗,要通知办公室.
  • Permits are only to be used on the registered vehicle. Permits cannot be transferred, altered, forged or manipulated in any way.

许可证持有人不得将车辆停放在占用多于一个车位的停车场.e. trucks with snow plows, 等.  也 vehicles cannot be left in the parking lots for extended periods of time, 比如假期, 出城旅行, 等.

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